Just wondering if people have a preference.
New retro items vs used vintage

I like the vintage items, but part of me is afraid to use vintage items on a daily basis.
Example: I have a vintage purse that I would love to use on a daily basis, but I'm afraid of wearing it out.
There are also issues like a vintage item may be fragile, have a strange smell or stain, or retro items may not be the quality you were hoping for and may be more expensive... Or the vintage may be more expensive...

So... Preferences? New retro or used vintage?

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I go both ways. My favorite purses are vintage, but they tend to be too small for my needs. I love finding vintage dresses in my size and then wearing them. I figure that if you have something you should use it. But of course PUG is great because it is made for modern bodies and the care is so much easier than on vintage clothing. I say if you have something and you like it, use it!

I couldn't have put it better myself; if something is new or vintage isn't important to me, I'm more bothered about whether it's an "everyday" or "special occasion" item

I get picky with the details. I love leather, and dislike plastics or vinyl, but the style purse I want is either a fortune in vintage or looks cheap in modern version vinyl...
But if I get vintage, I won't want to use it for fear of ruining it...
I like the idea of having smaller items that finish the look. Maybe this is totally not helping the situation, but my boyfriend smokes, and I usually keep an extra pack in my purse for when we are out and he needs a fix. I was thinking of getting a vintage lighter or cigarette case.

There are a couple of shops around town. There is one that specializes in jewelry and smaller items, and another one that specializes in furniture and clothes.

There are others in the San Francisco Bay Area that I love, but I rarely get to them these days.



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