Hi all, I'm new to PUG but I've lurked the website for a year or so, and I'm super impressed with this positive community here on PUG forums! The reason for this post: I'll be turning 35 this summer and I'm a SAHM to a 2 y/o, and will possibly add another baby to the family soon, as well.
So I've been hitting a mid-30's crisis about my wardrobe...I haven't updated it in years, and it was never a flattering style to begin with anyway. Plus, as a gal who's worked all her life and has now found such joy and pride in being a SAHM, I really want to update my wardrobe to reflect a "professional mom/sexy wife" look, because I don't want to belittle my new profession by rocking the "yoga pants, hoodie sweater" look that has befallen the SAHMs lately. After searching for a style to reflect all of the following traits (professional, fun, feminine, timeless, flattering to a REAL woman's figure, high quality material & make, utilitarian) I have found many of those traits through PUG.
Sorry for the long story, but here's my questions:
1) For those fearless females who wear PUG styles on a daily basis, which outfits do you find most comfortable and versatile for various demands of the day?
2) Are these clothes easy to keep clean/wash?
3) Any toddler moms out there who can suggest kid-friendly daily styles?

Thank you all so much for your help, and you are an inspiration to me!!

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I would go with any of the seperates,or swing dresses.I'm a mom of 2 & those styles work for me.Also the material is quite delicate & they require to be dry cleaned or hand washed.

To prevent shrinking.

Thanks Amanda! I like the separates idea, because it will also help me to mentally transition from the "jeans and t-shirt" mentality that has been my M.O. forever. I guess I need to brush up on hand washing methods now! AND get used to wearing heels...

I am a SAHM with an 8 and 4 year old. I just started wearing PUG fashion as well.  Separates are a good way to start, I just got the Deadly Dames capri pants and they are so stretchy and comfortable! I have a couple of swing dresses too (from Hell Bunny) and on days I want to wear them a little differently, I tuck the top of the dress underneath and I wear it as a skirt with a tucked in t-shirt and some flats.

Genius ideas! Question about the high-waisted pants...do they make the butt look like the 70's-80's flat, long butt?

haha! I don't think so, I guess it depends on your butt, my husband compares them to Sandy in Grease at the end when she wears those leather pants, hope that helps :)

Good! Because my husband loves my ghetto-booty! And so do I, and I find that this pinup style enhances that "asset" and lets us women have pride in our curves again! :)

LOL!! Yeah, I do alot of thrift shopping too when I just want to wear a cute dress around the house, Forever 21 has some nice finds once in a while too, I really only wear my PUG dresses and high heels when I go out. And I just got some really cute flats from Iron Fist And I just found these cute heels at Kohls, they are so comfy!.

Ha as a fellow PUG with a husband who loves my booty, the Deadly Dames Capri's are amazing. I literally just ordered another pair of the denim ones because they are such a staple. I gave going back to work a try for a year and hate it so in one month I'll be back to being a SAHM and have started keeping that in mind with my purchases. The separates are a must, and with 2 very hyper boys (5 and 3) it's hard to get away with dresses often, but if I do, I love the Netti Dresses. Comfy and cute. Oh and the Laura Byrnes shorts a MUST for me for the summer. Very forgiving and easy to dress up or down. 

I am on the wait list now for the DD denim capris! :) I'm happy to hear that you are returning to the SAHM world! Don't get me wrong, I totally support moms who have to work. I also support ladies who find fulfillment in working outside of the home, but I have also worked in daycares for 4 years while in college and studied some Human Development and Early Childhood Education, plus I've worked for a non-profit that worked hard to support daycares, and after all that experience, it opened my eyes to the strict, unchanging, no-doubt-about-it fact that daycare should be your LAST resort for raising children. (Preschool is different; I'm talking about fulltime daycare for children under 4 years.) I know that living on one income is hard and that us moms feel like the lowest wrung on society when we say we "stay home" when someone asks what we do, and that most people roll their eyes and think we mooch off our husbands during this time, but in the end, your sons will be SO much better off!! I know this opinion of mine is not a popular one, and trust me, I was a hardcore feminist before and thought I'd just continue on with my career if I had kids, but after seeing and studying all that developmental stuff, and seeing behind the scenes at several daycares, (and now, as a mom, thinking about all of the horrible mistakes we all unknowingly made while caring for others' children), I will gladly sacrifice my ego and my extra income for 5 years to give my child(ren) the absolute best care that anyone can give them. Sorry about the rant, but all this to say: welcome back home! :)

I have a 3 and a 5 year old, on a daily basis I usually wear a skirt and a t-shirt/blouse and a cardigan (depending on weather).  Throwing on a skirt and top is just as fast and easy as throwing on a thsirt and jeans (or sweatpants), a dress is even easier, and looks much nicer, in my opinion.  I have been collecting a-line and circle skirts and dresses, 1 becuase I dig the whole June Cleaver/50s housewife look and 2 it is very hard to clean in a pencil skirt.   I like the day dress style, like a shirtdress, for everyday.  Also most of the clothes from PUG are dry-clean only, so if your children are super messy I would look elsewhere for everyday clothes.  My kids are a little older and both girls so they aren't too terribly messy, so I can get away with it.  Though most of my clothes come from thrift stores and eBay, I do love to get a special occasion dress from PUG!  I just got a couple vamp tops that will be working into my wardrobe.  If you do a lot of running around, stick to flats or a very small heel, it makes life much easier.  Have fun!

Yep, my 2 y/o is a boy, so...Maybe when I decide to wear a good-quality piece (read: dry-clean only) I will break out my cute apron and, gasp!, actually use it! Check me out, I've already graduated to June Cleaver status with my apron! (Those vintage dames were smart and crafty! Us modern "girls" don't respect our (poorly made) clothes enough to protect them like our grandmas did...sigh) Thanks for mentioning the cleaning aspect, that is definitely a daily concern for me, plus I have 2 crazy dogs, so I might be wearing the apron all day long, and saving the wiggle dresses for date nights.
I checked out your photos to see what a fellow toddler mom would wear and <3 <3 <3!! Beautiful! Your girls are blessed to have a positive female influence in their daily lives!




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