Don't get me wrong, all you ladies are beautiful....but the homemade portfolio pics have seem to get out of control. While yes, this is a pin up style site....I'm not seeing much of any pin up style in the mounds of "fan pics". I wish to see how the beautiful PUG clothes look on everyday people. Micheline, Masuimi, Doris & the ladies are amazing at modeling them, however what sells me are the fan photos & comments. Am I wrong?? Is it to much to ask not to see 10 shots of some chick in club wear or in the bath tub???

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I agree.

I don't want to seem mean or anything but my understanding of the site was the following:

  1. A place where we could all see the photos of the dresses on non-models/ooh & ahh over how awesome everyone looks.
  2. A place where we can ask questions about fit of dresses
  3. A place where we can talk about other things relating to the PUG lifestyle (the petticoat thread is a fantastic example IMO)
  4. A place to make new friends!

While I appreciate seeing people's pin-up shoot pictures (using PUG or some other brand) it's a bit disheartening and makes it harder to search when people post "normal" pictures, tag them as fan photos and they have nothing to do with PUG :/

Edited to add: I also think part of the culprit is ning's own software. It seems like folks are uploading pictures and thinking they're not going to be tagged in that album but they are. So not purposefully done, hopefully someone from Team Pinup can help :)

Augh in retrospect I think my comment sounds meaner then I thought it was. I'm sorry, I think I might have inadvertently offended when I didn't want to. My apologies.

I can't speak for others but I'm not offended and saw nothing mean in your post.  I think this is a bit of a missunderstanding or a glitch in the system that I'm sure the Team will address.

While I didn't plan on using this like FB and uploading pics of daily life I thought it would be alright to upload pics of my vintage finds/creations and such.  Soooo...I suppose until the issues is addressed I'll refrain from uploading to my profile so the pics don't automatically end up on the Fan Photos page (if that is indeed what is happening or unless of course I loose my will power and do some shopping before

I didn't realize that my photo's were being shared on the fan site...i thought it was just my personal page (i didn't tag them or anything). I was under the impression that this site was created for everyone to share their love of Pinup Style. If you click on the "About Pugstyle" at the top it talks about it. 

"Pinup Girl Style, aka PUGStyle, is a community of people from all over the globe who love pinup style and culture. More than just fashion, pinup is about style, class, elegance, integrity, and kindness towards others. Pinup girls understand that a "beauty standard" is a contradiction in terms and that all women are beautiful."

Perhaps the 'Powers that Be' could come up with a 'PUG brand photo section' so that everyone is happy.

that doesn't mean people wan't to see nudity, or someone in a bath tub or pantless with records.

I think you nailed it with the word 'class'  That's what I love about Pin-Ups is that they are a classy sexy and not cheap whorish sexy.  They may have been considered 'racy' in their day but in todays age they are IMO classy sexy and leave just enough to the imagination (something I'm not seeing in some of the 'Fan Photos').

I didn't realize my pictures were going on the fan page either! Anyways I understand what everyone is saying here but still feel alittle offended. Yes this is all PUG and what PUG is about but what about the girls out there like me that can't offord to buy PUG items but I still look at the site and dream that I could buy something all I can show pictures of is me in true vintage clothes I signes up for this site thinking it would be everyone talking about PUG clothes and vintage. I guess I was incorrect and may need to leave the site since everyone says it is just suppose to be about PUG.
Site wasn't created for just customers the about pages very first sentence... Pinup Girl Style, aka PUGStyle, is a community of people from all over the globe who love pinup style and culture. And nothing on the page does it say it is strictly about PUG. Again I am still confused, basiy what everyone is saying is that since I can't afford to buy from PUG and post pictures of it I'm not suppose to be a member? Completely unfair since no where does it say this is only for PUG Customers only that's kind of incorrect. this place was actually created because of facebook. PUG originally had a myspace page, but that went the way of the dinosaur, the facebook page limited what they could and couldn't do, and they wanted a central space that would not disappear with social media trends.

it was created for their customers.

Well sorry that I thought it was also a community for like minded people, that is my mistake for making the assumption this was for people that infact love PUG that A. Own it or B. People that admire it but can't afford to buy it on our salaries. I guess they need to put a disclaimer somewhere that states if you don't own PUG you can not be a member. I have loved PUG since I was a teenager and have never come from a family that could afford it and now that I am on my own the circumstances have not changed, I will just have to admire from a distance from now on.

I think you've misunderstood me. the purpose of the site was to have a central social media space that would never go away for people who purchase/like PUG. There is no rule that you must purchase their clothing/goods to be allowed on the page.

that being said, the clothing pictures should be focused on PUG clothing- it's helpful for others who are wanting to see what a specific style and size look on someone who is their size/body shape, hence why the pictures are sorted by size. there are several communities/special interest groups on this website, and a few are dedicated to Vintage clothing (not repo) where posting pictures of vintage digs would be absolutely suitable.




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