Hi Everyone, 

As some of you may be aware, I was made redundant twice in a row over the last few months. The first time I was made redundant I was out of work for a few months which resulted in me being way over my overdraft. I eventually got a job (not well paid but something) and decided to get a loan out for cover my debt....not long after this I was made redundant again! So now I am in a position where I have no actual cash...living in an overdraft from the bank, and have a bank loan I will be paying back for the next few years that did absolutely nothing!

I have been low, depressed, stressed, you name it over the worry of everything. 

I haven't had a holiday properly in years and had plans to come to the US this year. I still want to do this...that damn thing called money is causing issues! So I thought I would ask for some advice. 

Too many of us have had money issues before, its how we deal with them and get out of them I need some help with! I need to raise quick cash, my end goal is to be in a position where I can book the flight tickets and get myself to LA! All in the name of shopping and spending more cash lol. 

Any suggestions?! 

So far all I can think of is the below:

  • Do a car boot sale (for those that dont have these its kind f like a yard sale expect everyone meets at a point such as a local football ground and sells their stuff from the boot of their car (being England weather permitting as its still snowing/raining and freezing here!)
  • Sell stuff on eBay - Being an ebay novice I dont really know what to do!
  • Trying to sell more of my cakes on the side - harder than you might think to get the business

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Set up a Fiverr account and sell Skype makeup tip sessions, hairstyling sessions, etc. you get $4 per after fees so don't make it too long. Some people also sell fashion consulting. Another thing on Fiverr is that a lot of people will pay you for a Pinup Photo with a sign or whiteboard with their message on it :)< if you can do photos and they like your look they will pay you for it and then its just write a message on a whiteboard, snap a photo in your favorite dress - money

Use a Facebook group and or page to sell your cakes/baking - put up lots of photos, list prices clearly, and ask people to share with anyone they know who needs it :) 

Sell posts on your blog ( you can get a lot of free beauty and fashion products to review/ and link to but you can also sell links for reviews and so ) 

Hope those help :) 

Some great tips, thanks, I'll be sure to have a look for sure!!! xx

I'm so sorry to hear about you being laid off Leanna :( I know what it's like to live with depression because of the state of a career or a lack of any real money, I also know that not having a proper vacation in years can take it's toll on you're psyche.

 I know we don't really know each other but if you ever wanted to talk please never hesitate.

As for fundraising, it might not be anything at all, but my hubby and I always had an idea in place to raise money to go to the London Burlesque Festival if I ever get accepted (keeping my fingers crossed for next year :) ). The idea was that we'd turn to Kickstarter to raise the  through a pledge fundraising drive. My idea was that I'd do a series of web exclusive burlesque photoshoots (tasteful of course) as rewards for reaching stages in my pledge drive on top of having enough money to get to the festival itself.

So maybe you could do something similar, with rewards being exclusive video tutorials on making cupcakes for supporters, or a free three dozen cupcakes for a party/event. Of maybe the reward could be getting more interviews with burlesque performers if you can raise enough money to go to their shows and festivals all over. These are just my suggestions though, you know your business a million times better than I do so I'm sure you could come up with much better ideas.

I really hope that this works out and that you can still come to the states, and that if you can I can come down too to meet you.

Hugs and take care Leanna :)




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