Started a discussion on this subject in a group months ago, but thought I'd post it in the main forum to open it up :) Have any real life stories involving the supernatural? Please share :)

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Almost everywhere we've lived has had ghosts. I've heard them walking around,caught something out of the corner of my  eye.At work,a grocery store,we have a mischievous little boy who flings things off shelves and peghooks. I have co-workers who have seen him. I have also,on many occasions,smelled my dead mother's cigarette smoke and her perfume.

I'm a big believer in the supernatural..

This is a really good idea for a thread Brandi.

I'm sorry that I don't have any stories from my own experiences but I hope some of the ladies here have a tale or two to share :)

I've mentioned these in this old discussion, but for anyone who hasn't seen it :)

I've had experiences since I was little, in the different places we lived in. I've had that creepy feeling of someone watching me, heard my name being said...sometimes by someone who I thought was a family member only to realize they weren't even home at the time. Things have gone missing...sometimes the item would be returned.. sometimes not. Once I saw the reflection of who I thought was my boyfriends mother in a tv screen staring at me, and found out it couldn't have been since she was downstairs at the time I saw it. Sometimes there are good signs, and a sense of protective friendly spirits, the scent of perfume or other sweet smells as I walk through a certain area only to walk by it again a second later and it's gone. Been living in my current apartment for almost 9 years now and it has very positive energy. The things I have come across here are never really frightening, just surprising at times.

OOOOOOOH do I have stories . From my 1st apt in Hollywood which was back in 1997 all the way to see shoes flying across the bedroom too slamming doors . And to tell you  I even did a photo shoot at a haunted motel in Death Valley which ghost adventures did a Ghost hunt there and that was an experience. So where should I start ?? 

You're more than welcome to elaborate if you'd like, on any of your experiences :)

  Being a person with strong creative artistic imagination....  Well I have had quite the experience with what is known as sleep paralysis [ sleeping ; in the dream state but with eyes open and slightly awake and when you try to physically interact you find you cannot move  ] a kinda natural hallucinogenic state although most of the experiences have been more positive than negative they have been scary strange  so this falls into the ' spooky ' . Some things briefly I've experienced ; sparkle-ly human figure , ' a figure made of 'cellar junk ' a shadowy friendly camel like animal that came inches from my face and of course a group of faeries . The only negative one was a Medusa head , very evil looking . Now remember one is seeing these things in the actual room they are sleeping in and unable to move , though it starts to fade and one is freed . Just a dream ? all in your head ? Just your imagination ? Well yes , imagination is a great thing . 

Hey Billie, thanks for sharing :) I've heard of that sleep paralysis thing before. As far as I can recall, I don't remember experiencing that. Hope I don't, sounds like it could be a little scary! As for seeing things..I've had times when I'd be in bed and would have to stop and think... did I dream that or was it real? I'd really have to think about it! Then other times I would be wide awake and believe I saw something, perhaps it was my eyes still being a bit sleepy, perhaps it was the imagination or perhaps there was something really there. I'd say the same thing about the voices I mentioned above. I'd wake up out of a nap hearing someone outside my door calling my name, and I (being in my sleepy state) would answer.."what?" When I don't get a response, I'd be like.. "ok", and a little pissed that my nap was disturbed. I'd know THAT was what woke me up, but was it me just waking up out of a dream, or was my name really being said? In some cases it's hard to tell, and we can't really know for sure.

I've had that several times..scary!

The spookiest thing I have ever experienced sounds really weird when I write it down, wanted to share it anyway ;-) A year ago something really sad happened in my life that caused a bit study delay. When I tried to catch up with all the work I slept only a few hours a night during a week. One night, around 4 am, I was still working on my paper when I felt asleep while working on my computer (it was a paper on the witch hunt in early modern Europe). Suddenly I wake up, eyes still closed, and realize I am typing. I still remember the feeling... Why am I typing? I'm not even thinking about anything? I opened my eyes and I wrote (in Dutch): 'Hey... A clown... How nice!'

I was so freaked out I deleted it immediately and went to bed to get a good night sleep. It is a bizarre story, and I don't know if it had anything to do with the supernatural, but at that moment it was spooky as hell!

Freaky! Also...a little funny :)

 yeah , audio . A freaky thing happened when I was about 10 and I wasn't sleeping and it was day time , I was in my room playing when this ' voice ' spoke , it wasn't like a person speaking in the room or nearby nor in my own head but it [ a male like authority voice ] said " leave this room now " and I got a feeling like something was going to happen , so I did as it said , a little while later a I slowly peeked into the room and everything was okay and normal and I felt okay to be there . So every now and then I remember that and stop to wonder I think perhaps it was a guardian angel protecting me from an evil spirit coming to me .                                                                              But now a lighter side to spooky audio , this is one that makes me sound like nut case lol , but I heard others mention it and that is hearing voices in fans , on days when it's not hot enough for ac and using a fan to circulate the air and with no radio or tv near one starts to hear ' voices ' like a few people talking and its funny when you move closer trying hard to hear what 'they ' are ' talking about [ haha luny tune ! ] and it isn't like a repeating line and if you're not crazy all ready then it will drive you crazy hearing the 'voices ' in the fan lol ;-) 




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