So, following on from Aleise Heart's discussion about what styles you do for everyday, I was wondering what you do when it's raining, windy, cold/freezing (for those of you who get 'real' winters :p ), and generally not nice outside.

I live on the edge of the Lake District, so obviously we get a lot of rain, and living on the coast it's also really windy (I work literally a stones-throw from the edge of the sea!), plus being the extreme Northwest of England (like Scotland is less than an hour away) we also get it pretty cold too (often in winter it can be -8'C or below when I leave for work). do you PUG it up when the weather's atrocious but you still have to leave the house?

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I have almost exactly the same weather. I live in the Netherlands and it rains about 200 days a year. But to be honest half the time I just can't wear a dress in this weather. I'll usually go with pencil skirts or cigarette pants or jeans and then pair it with a cardigan or turtleneck sweater and a pea coat :) Then throw on a cute bun and makeup and you're good to go. 

I would love some more ideas though because half the time I'm freezing to death in a sweater :)

I hate this time of year, not just the weather but the miserable clothes I have to wear! I live in Utah and it snows, so if I am not cooped up in the house waiting for spring, I usually wear skinny jeans with some cute boots and a nice cardigan or turtleneck.

I also live in Utah, and that is pretty much exactly what I wear haha. I find it easy to embrace the pin up look with my hair style and make up during the cold months. :)

I'm 28, and while I've had at least shoulder length hair all my life, I've only ever had it straight & down, or in a ponytail :-/  I'm having lots of fun (and frustration!) learning new things to do with my hair, but it's difficult when things take time or need practise, because I don't have much time in the mornings (I leave the house at 6.30) and then often run around like a loon in the evenings - I think I need a PA lol

*high fives for the UK*
I still wear my heels if it's raining, but i'll wear a pair that cover my feet and have a chunky heel so I don't slip on my arse (I did that front of everyone...oooops) unless it's snowing or ice, in which case I suck it up and put on my Dr Martens and carry my heels in a separate bag if I'm going somewhere I'll be indoors.
Have you heard of the company Ruby Shoo? They sell some stunning heels, and there are a couple of pairs I think would be awesome for chilly weather (though some of them are made with suede which aint great for the rain) I've included a pic of one of their pairs. Offft! Come to mama!

If it's cold I still insist on wearing at least tights, it's gotta be borderline antarctic weather for me to pull on some jeans, so when the bad weather sets in I go down Primark and buy myself multiple pairs of really cheap thick plain black tights. I've been known to wear two pairs at a time. I try and stick to pencil skirts so they're not blowing behind me.
I've also started up a serious love affair with coats. Living in the UK means at some point or another we're gonna have to get up close and personal with outerwear. My favorite coats are made my Collectif but be warned, they are pricey and they sell out fast. I managed to get a lovely navy and white one in their sale last year and it's one of my favorite pieces of clothing, the one I want that they haven't had in stock yet is estimated to be £175, yikes! (But they've made a little muff to go with it and it's just so cute) There's not a lot on their site atm but their facebook has some great teaser pics.

If you girls can bear to part with your skirts, I bet high waisted jeans and fitted jumpers will look fantastic. You could always wear a tight jumper/t-shirt under your fashionable jumper, or a cardigan over the top if you're REALLY cold.

I dont know if I've actually contributed any ideas, or helped at all but I do hope so. <3

Ooooh, shoes <3  Haha, I joined JustFab in summer, and have a load of summer-y shoes, but so far have only found one pair of ankle boots in my size that I like with them.  I have pretty wide calves so find knee boots a challenge, though I did recently get a gorgeous Red or Dead pair, they're pretty flat but they'll be good in the rain and other nasty winter weather.

Yes, I've seen some gorgeous coats lately, but I have to remind myself by bank balance will only go so far :( lol At the moment I think I'm planning to see what I can pick up in sales at the end of winter - though in the meantime I did find a reasonable coat in New Look for a very reasonable price, and unlike my jackets it won't hike up my skirt as I'm walking to the car, which isn't helpful when you're battling torrential wind & rain!

I discovered the Collectif Ashley Coat and it's tugging at the strings of my bank account. Just have to wait and see if I'll fall for it's charms. Ha. There are so many really nice coats coming out though!

I have the Ashley in black, I say go for it! I feel like a total princess in that coat :-)

oh! Do you have a photo! It's really so beautiful on the model but sometimes on the model and in real life look different :) 

Sure thing, I'll see if I can take one some point soon! There's also a picture of a gorgeous lady wearing her black Ashley in Collectif's facebook photos about halfway down :-)

I didn't see it, :( probably didn't look hard enough though! Thank you!

I'm from nyc, so we also get some really horrific winter weather (cold, rainy, just overall unpleasant) and I have to second Jessica's endorsement of Collectif coats.  They are a true vintage style and most importantly, they're actually warm, and long (I don't like peacoats that come up above the knee, as they always end up being much shorter than whatever I am wearing underneath).  Collectif also has cute sweaters and winter-appropriate attire.  I only wear skirts and dresses, even in the winter, but just layer stockings (i've been known to wear 2 pairs) or get cute warm ones (American Apparel has sparkly tights which I love), which you can get anywhere, especially sites like modcloth.  As for shoes, I generally wear black vintage ankle boots - I'm due for a new pair and Bait Footwear has some really awesome granny lace-ups!  




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