I know that this is a really intimate topic for a lot of people, but I was wondering if there were any girls here who have had plastic surgery who might feel comfortable enough to share their experiences?

I really want a nose job but I am terrified of the whole process. I am confident with all other parts of my body and face with the exception of my nose. It is just the ugliest thing ever and ruins my entire face. All of my other features are ruined because of it and it has ruined my self confidence long enough. Please note, if you look at my photos on here you will think that I don't need it, but this is only because none of the photos show me in profile! I would never post photos of myself in profile...

Basically, it's long and it's hooked. It's not straight and small like Grace Kelly's. Please understand I don't need to be told about how beauty is on the "inside" or how it's beautiful to be "unique" looking! Everyone finds different things beautiful! For me, symmetrical facial features come before weight or anything else!

I am 21 now and I feel like I am wasting my life by this one bit of ugliness that can be rectified with cosmetic surgery. The only problem is that I am so scared because I have no idea what to expect! I've never met anyone who has had any sort of cosmetic surgery so I am wondering if there is anyone here that might know anything about it. Or even have a friend or family member who has had it!

So ladies, if one of you out here would feel comfortable to open up to me about your experience, it would really mean the world :)

Thanks for reading this <3

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I am entitled to say what I like and I had absolutely no intention of offending anyone either. You don't know me, my life, who I know! I wasn't using the word deformed as an insult!!!! Did I define deformity? No. webbed toes is a deformity! I know someone with that and he is fine with that. Do you understand what I was referring to now? Actually I am not basing it on this anti-surgery bias you seem to think I have. I was actually looking into a breast reduction last year so you are being particularly presumptive suggesting that I am "too scared" or against surgery. I said that some people with features or whatever that are abnormal or different can manage to accept it, which is fantastic, and I was trying to be positive and you have just twisted this into something negative. Like I said, you have gone and made this whole thing about YOU! If you take what I say personally, that is your problem. I never spoke for anyone but myself. My point was self acceptance and I don't care to discuss anything with someone so unreasonable and aggressive. It is completely unnecessary of you. You could have easily said you felt it was worded poorly or inappropriate without being so rude. I will hardly take anyone who is unable to have an ADULT conversation seriously or care for their views.

My cousin got a nose job the second she graduated from high school. She was an awkward teen and hated herself. She had an eating disorder and was clearly unhappy. After her nose job, she was confident and was able to get her body issues out of her head. I wasn't okay with plastic surgery until I saw the dramatic change in her happiness from a subtle change in her nose. As long as surgery eliminates body dysmorphia, instead of creating it, there's no problem.

I know how you feel with people trying to convince you that you look fine when you clearly don't feel fine. We all have things we want to change, even if others don't understand our individual plights.

Anyway, if you want to do it, go for it! You seem to have a good head on your shoulders and won't get carried away.

I would say if its going to make you happy go for it...my only reccomdations is to research really good, like doctors, the actual proccess...I have watched those plastic surgery shows on tv...I myself couldnt do a nose job..just because after its done the nose is packed with gauze for a few  days and that would gag me...lol...I myself am 33 I have had 3 kids....and I have been researching plastic surgeons for some time...because I want to have some cosmetic touch ups before I am 40...lol...after 3 kids and weight gain and weight loss...my skin does not fit as well as I would like...lol...If your nose is making it so you cant enjoy life to th  fullest than go for it....oh sure people will tell you beauty is on the inside...or you shouldnt mess with what god gave you...yadda yadda woof woof...but you know what...if god didnt want us to have the free will to choose what we look like there wouldnt be plastic surgeons in the first place...or hair dye or fake eyelashes or padded bras...lol...(well you get the idea) also you are the one that has to live with your nose on a daily basis day in and day out so no one else really has a right to judge...your opinion is the only one that matters...:)  good luck...

so I haven't had any plastic surgery. my mom however for the last 18+ years has wanted a tummy tuck, boob lift, face lift, etc. I always went the route of Mom you're perfect and pretty! you don't need that! and it literally fell on deaf ears because my mom wasn't happy with those areas of her body. Despite 6 day a week gym visits, despite getting rid of refined sugars, carbs and anything delicious, she could not lose the spare tire (a result of 2 C-Sections- my brother and myself). There was a reality makeover show in the US a decade ago called The Swan and Extreme Makeover (not the home edition) my mom would ask me to pen letters to these productions to get this stuff done. It was absolutely heartbreaking.

in the end (2 years ago) my mom actually did go through with a tummy tuck and facelift. She researched surgeons in her area (los angeles) and went to UCLA and had a really awesome surgical team and stayed in the recovery center for a few days (she lives alone- I'm in Canada and couldn't go back to take care of her) and it has been the best thing she has ever done for herself.  I realize society puts a price, a ridiculous price on the way people look. had I know how happy this made my mom years ago, I would have financed the surgeries myself.

bottom line. what you choose to do to your own body is your own choice- be it a piercing, a tattoo, removing a tattoo, getting a nose job, getting a breast lift- whatever it is. it's your own choice. and it isn't a choice you need to defend to ANYBODY.

a plastic surgery I have been heavily thinking on is a breast reduction. I am currently a 40H/38FF/40G (depending on the brand) and my back is constantly sore, bra's feel like torture devices (no matter how flush and fitted properly- they hurt. and they hurt after wearing them for 12+ hours). I'm still in the major deciding phase, as it is a major surgery.

so...the bottom line is- get it. if you want it, can or can't afford it, but will pay for it or whatever get it. a lot of brides to be get plastic surgery done. a lot of non brides get plastic surgery done. the fact is a nose job isn't as invasive as say a tummy tuck, which isn't as invasive as open heart surgery.  Do your homework, meet the right surgeon's and meet more than one, look at referrals, look at references, google them,  etc. and best of all enjoy your nose whether you update it or not.

Hi Flora! It's probably your body type? And I bet there are plenty of people who would think you had awesome thighs! I'm 24 and I can totally relate. I put weight on around my hips and not so much my bum and it's a pity that it doesn't go to my bum and my brother actually teases me about having no ass! Sure it's made me a LITTLE self conscious but I also have huge boobs and when I was a teenager I wanted a boob job cos they aren't perky! Recently I've seen numerous photos of boob jobs and I have to say I had no idea how bad they looked! I'm sure I've only seen a couple out of many but the ones I did see literally looked like what they are - round implants. I envy girls who can get away with no bra! How awesome is that! People envy me because of this "big boobs are awesome" thing but it has made shopping very difficult and I was depressed as a teenager because of it. I was extremely self conscious and was subjected to a lot of sexual harassment like guys beeping their car horns at me. It took ages for me to be accepting and even now I have days where I wish I had different things. I reckon keep your natural boobs (I bet they are amazing! big is way overrated - I pay a fortune for bras and I was looking into reduction surgery at one point) and as for your legs, big thighs are hot! You should look at some of the pin-up loving facebook pages :) I need to get more fit.... Legs are pretty easy to target so squats, building muscle etc might make you like them more? :) You have amazing hair that I would KILL for! Everyone has things they love and hate

Harlow I'm really glad you started this thread, this is exactly why I love this community so much, because it gives us a chance to reach out to each other for questions and advice of really personal natures like this one, and I really do think that the answers here are sincere, thoughtful and right on the mark.

My own advice is to do it, since it really seems to be a decision that you're not taking lightly and have given years of thought to. Other than that I can only echo what's already been said, research a good specialist, go to a consultation or two, maybe try to find some web forums for people who's have nose jobs and see what the whole experience was for them before, during and after the procedure.

Another reason that I'm glad you've started this thread is that I've been considering plastic surgery myself, a breast augmentation in my case. I've actually been chatting with one PUG user here about her experience (I won't say her name here just in case she wants to keep that private) and she's been really helpful. What I had wanted to do next is to start a forum topic about advice for the procedure, what the recovery is like and what life after the procedure was like from any women who've had it, whether they're just regular site users like me or even some of PUG's professional models if they've had the procedure and would be willing to talk about it.

I've been a little nervous to start the topic though since it's an intimate issue like you said, but now that I see you've gotten so much good advice, I think I'd be crazy not to.

What ever your decision is I wish you all the luck in the world with it :)

You know I think I will start that thread tonight. Thanks Agueda for the encouragement and thank you Harlow for starting this thread in the first place :)

I think the most important question to ask yourself is this: Am I doing this to make ME (and only me) happy?  I don't see a problem with plastic surgery, if done well and for the right reasons. When I'm done with school I'm getting a tummy tuck.  After two kids and more recently a 50 pound weight loss, the skin on my stomach is really loose and stretched out.  Even after working out a lot the skin isn't tightening up, the muscles underneath are hard but I can't see any definition because of the loose skin grrr.  I also had braces as a kid, I know that I wouldn't have grown up to be as confident as I am if I had kept my crooked teeth.

I personally feel that people should get counseling before undergoing a cosmetic procedure to help determine the underlying motivation behind it.  For example, if you want to get surgery because you think it will make your boyfriend happy or that by doing so will make you somehow more "worthy" of him, you should probably not do it.  There would be some issues that would not be resolved by changing your appearance, the self doubt, jealousy, or self esteem issues would still be there. 

When I had first read your original post,  I thought "yeah go for it", it seemed like you had thought it out and were doing it to help improve your life, boost your confidence, etc.  But after reading the second comment about your super handsome boyfriend, it put up a red flag for me.  I think it would be beneficial to address the core issue, and its not your nose.  You are a beautiful girl, obviously your boyfriend thinks so too or he wouldn't be with you :) 

I have seen your pictures and you are super cute, if you do go through with the surgery make sure you are doing it for you alone, and not for any other reasons.  Doing things like that for other people, or comparing to other people is a slippery slope. Sure, right now you think that "fixing" your nose will solve all of your problems, but what happens when those feeling don't go away after.  What's next?

Please don't take this as judgemental, I don't mean it that way.  I'm coming from a place of concern and caring :) Good luck with whatever you choose to do.




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