I'm really considering getting a corset to really accentuate my curves. I know there are some benefits and some risks. I've heard it decreases appetite, which is good for dieting, and that it keeps a straight posture. But then I've also heard that you can't go too long (a matter of days) without one once you've started wearing it.

Has anyone had any first-hand experience with a corset/waist cincher, or have do you know anyone with one, and how do they like it?

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Can I add to this discussion: what about longline bras...? They are also supposed to help with posture, as well as keeping things... streamlined. I don't necessarily want to go to a corset (there is no way I'd be able to do everything I do at work wearing one!), but I want to have another option besides my girdle shorts (which are comfortable, but I'm looking for additional options).... Any thoughts?

I actually looked into longline bras as well. For me, they do not go all the way down and cover my navel. They stop right at the navel. I looked into them because I bought a Rago 1294 for some extra smoothing. Well, the Rago did smooth me out, but sort of pushed up back fat (not a good look!) right under my bra strap in the back. Sooo, when I looked for the longline bra, it was to smooth that issue out and wear under the Rago. I don't find that the longline bras are as restrictive as a corset, but more like the strength of a Rago waist cincher. If you have a bit of a tummy, depending on where the longline hits you, it can make a muffin top.

Longline bras are a good option for smoothing and they do make them where they are not so low cut in the back now-so you have the option of some back smoothing as well.

But, I also want to offer that I have been using those "wear your own bra" slimmers and they work extremely well. No boning showing because it is super spandex and total waist definition. If I am wearing jeans/pants I wear the one that stops at the waist, if I am wearing a wiggle dress, I wear the one that goes down to mid thigh. I cannot recommend these enough. I get the ones by "maidenform self expressions". I like these also because the thigh is controlled, but there isn't a tight band around making thigh fat pop.

Whew! all this....maybe I should just go to the gym LOL!

Thank you!  I have that problem with the back fat being smushed up and out-it completely overrides the benefit I get when I wear a cincher or corset.  

Can you find a link to the maidenform shaper you like-there are tons.  I would love to try one of these!

i know that in our mall (west covina, ca) there is actually a maidenform "cart" where you can purchase them... my only reason for not stopping is that it is in the middle of the mall, open, and where the hell are you supposed to try anything on? not in front of other people please! but that's my thing...

I sure can!

Here is the link of the style, but no way should you pay 40 bucks. Go to Target and get it for about 20 something. It is the "self expressions" briefer. Also, I don't know why the model has the top part smashed over her boobs...that's not how it is worn. The "slings" just sit to the side of the bra.


Edited to add:

Here is the exact shorter control garment I wear with pants/jeans. I like TC fineshapewear. I find that it is a tad firmer than spanx, but spanx is terrific too.


This style I got off of ebay.

That is my biggest issue with shapewear, they always end right under the bra strap which creates a big bulge.  I have a gridle that has an attached bra which works better (similar to the Rago 9357), but it has gotten too big since I lost weight so it doesn't really smooth or pull me in anymore.  I am looking for a new one and thinking a corset would be the best thing for the long-term.  I had looked into longline bras as well, but its really hard to find things in my size :(

Really great comments and advice from everyone above. I used to work at a Renaissance Faire and would wear corsets all day for rehearsals and performances. Mine weren't waist training, but did have steel bones and reduced my waist by a few inches.

There are many different kinds of corsets (under bust, over bust, busk-boned, fully boned, S-curve, waist training, cinchers). I recommend you go to a corset shop and try some on. If there's a renaissance faire near you, they are bound to have a corset shop. The women there will help ensure you get a properly sized corset and you can have a little test run with it.

You don't have to buy one there (their corsets will be thicker with silk and decorative cover fabric, will likely cost upwards of $100-$200, and are meant to be worn outside a blouse or dress), but it will give you an idea of what you need and like as far as style and size go when you're selecting a corset for under your clothing.

I've never heard of anyone becoming dependent on a corset. You'd have to wear it 24/7 for years. The only major risk is wearing your corset too tightly which can impede breathing, digestion, etc. Also remember that the Heimlich maneuver on a person wearing a corset is performed a little differently (there are guides online). Since you have less space for food, I second the recommendation that it be full of fiber and fruits and veg- make the food you eat the best possible nutritionally.

If anything, you'll notice that after some fairly regular wearing, your posture is a bit better and your waist seems a little smoother even out of the corset. At least that was my experience.

I swear by What Katie Did corsets. My favorite style is the Morticia Spoon Busk Corset. It is especially fantastic for plus size ladies, or anyone with a little extra in the lower tummy because it's a longer cut and provides more coverage.

They have a boutique in L.A which is great to get personalized service and properly fitted from one of the sales associates. They also have a website you can order from http://www.whatkatiedid.us.com/index.php?fes_lst_id=

As a performer and model I wear corsets for all of my shoots and performances.However I don't waist train or wear one on a regular basis outside of that. 

When you first put it on there is a bit of panic,. like ugh it's so tight I can't breath but you will notice it starts to get more comfortable :)

Would you reccommend buying in a boutique over online purchases? I live in Australia so I find it difficult getting vintage retailers and corset shops etc. But I am really hesitant to buy on online in case is doesn't fit or I don't like it.

Advice appreciated x

I agree with everyone on What Katie Did. The Morticia corset is the most comfortable corset I own. I usually lace it pretty loose but it's so dramatically curvy with the gored hips it looks like you are tight laced even when you aren't. The Morticia  on loose at like 24" looks as small as my other corsets laced to 22" It's also probably the easiest one to get on and off, and it hides under clothes really well. 

Okay, a few people have reccommended What Katie Did, and a couple the Morticia. I'll definitely have to check it out. Thank you very much x

Ok so here's my two cents. I dont have that much curve to begin with and I sorta have a boyish body so I use corsets to give me that "hourglass" illusion. I wear them underneath my dresses pretty much every chance I get, I like the way they look and I do like the posture it gives me since I slouch a lot. I don't waist train or wear them for days on end so I dont know anything about the long term effects. But they have helped me fit into a couple vintage dresses, that I normally couldn't wear. Oh another added benefit is that it pushes the ladies up ;)
I've only had a couple problems. I custom ordered a corset because I have a super short torso and I tried premade ones and they hurt and were uncomfortable. For whatever reason, the girl who madethe custom ordered one messed something up when cutting or sewing and the corset ended up being crooked, so it put too much pressure on one side of my ribcage (thought I was going to die and eventually ran into a changing room to take it off), I didn't realize this until I was able to look in a mirror and see how crooked the busk down the center was and that back was (for $270!).. So if you do custom order, make sure have some solid references and don't just fall for pretty pictures like I did!

I do have corsets that are properly made, and they do not hurt at all. I can move and breathe in them and I LOVE them. Hope my rambling helps!




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