I'm really considering getting a corset to really accentuate my curves. I know there are some benefits and some risks. I've heard it decreases appetite, which is good for dieting, and that it keeps a straight posture. But then I've also heard that you can't go too long (a matter of days) without one once you've started wearing it.

Has anyone had any first-hand experience with a corset/waist cincher, or have do you know anyone with one, and how do they like it?

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I am loving this post.  Loads of good advice.

Miss Stacy Blaise

I know what you mean Lissie. Starting out with waist training you get so many conflicting views. Some people have very strong opinions about this subject and it can be overwhelming and intimidating the advice you hear.

While I do agree with the "custom corset is best" crowd, of course a peice custom made to your specific measurements is going to be better. However when someone is just starting out with an interest(and have likely never even worn a corset before) making such a huge investment in a cutom piece is difficult. There are plenty of off the rack corsets that are affordable and very well made.

Timeless Trends is a good one to start out with. Most of their corsets are around $99 and they are very well made. The sillohette is not dramatically curvy but still very nice And so strong! All of TT's corsets are from the same pattern, they have an overbust and underbust "underbust is what I almost always get" You just choose from the fabric designs. I have the emerald green one I love it!

Also I'll again recommend Isabella Corsetry. As mentioned above I have the Josephine and it is very similar to the Morticia sillohette but strong enough to train in.

But the first thing you should do, seriously is go to Lucy's Corsetry page and her YouTube channel. She has reviewed almost every corset brand around. Also check her other advice videos and blogs. She just has so much info that is so usefull. If you message her she always responds. She also sells corsets sometimes.

I forgot to mention Timeless Trends has a lifetime guarantee on there corsets. Plus they ship fast! I got mine a couple days after I ordered it.

Here is Part 1 of Lucy's videos about starting out and setting safe goals.


I would also definitely check out her breaking in your corset video before hand.


So important! The temptation when you get your first corset is to see how tight you can go right away. This is not only bad for your body it's also bad for the life of your corset.

Wow! Thank you so much for all of that. You really put the effort in, and I appreciate it x

Your're so very welcome. I hope I don't come off as a "know it all". Also Im in no way an expert (only been training for less than a year) It's just that a lot of these questions I so remember asking when I was starting. Also I may be a little obsessed with this subject.

Yeah thanks!! Your advice has been LOADS of help Mary. It makes a huge difference being able to talk to someone who has actually already started the process. And thank you Miss Em for starting this discussion. I don't know where else I'd be able to find this information! Trust me, a Google search is fruitless.

Hey you know what would be fun?! If we started a corset wearing / waist training group on here. We could share our progress and tips we learn and share photos etc etc. Anyone game??? 

I think a corset/waist training group is a great idea Lissie. Although, all the advice on this thread was just so great!

I had so much trouble searching the web for advice, and most of it was from people who hadn't worn them before, when I was searching for first-hand advice. So all the feedback on here was very, very useful!

I would be down to be in a corset group!  Not sure when I will be able to invest in one but I would love to hear about it, and learn from others in the meantime!

I'm a member of a corset/girdle group on here if you wanted to look in my groups!

Let me start out by saying: I have no personal experience with corsets (so feel free to disregard my opinion on this matter). I have only ever laced my mother-in-law up in one of them, for a special occasion, and vividly remember the skin on her back folding over itself multiple times in order for that blasted thing to close... Leading me to think your waist may look sexy, but your back sure as hell won't. ;)

Anyway, the thing I wanted to add to this discussion is my concern over waist training, specifically. I have seen an exhibition on 'fashion though the ages', and of course the corsetry era was featured. Have you ladies ever seen X-rays or scans of people who undergo extensive 'waist training'? Because I did in that exhibition, and the results aren't pretty...! Organs shift within the body and are changed in shape and volume, distorted... Most probably leading to health complaints in the long run.

I don't imagine wearing a corset occasionally (say, only a couple of times a year) will do your body harm, but wearing a very restrictive corset often likely will. So all I wanted to say to you lovely ladies: please treat your body with care! Your natural curves are beautiful as they are and health is the most important thing.



I'm test wearing the Rago Waist Nipper 821 today, all day, to see if I can wear it with my retro stuff to work. So far so good -- very comfortable and I'm forgetting that I'm wearing it. You'll see on online review to size down and they are correct.

I know PUG has carried this but is currently out of stock. But it is readily available at other online sources.

So I'm also interested in corsetting. I also live in Australia in a small town, so no where to buy a corsett. Which means basically I have to buy online. Everyone has been mentioning What Katie Did, so I might go with them...

One question though do the laces show up underneath your clothes? Particularly the knot.




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