I'm a natural auburn that leans more towards the brown color. I'm dying to dye my hair the same red as Christina Hendricks (aka Joan Holloway from mad men). I've dyed it professionally & at home & it refuses to pick up the red in the dyes or I'm just picking the wrong dye. Anyone have any tips or a color that looks like hers that is tried & true?? Going cuckoo over here trying to get it right! :-(

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Ah, I've tried to dye my hair that beautiful red too. I have naturally medium brown hair. I looked at your pictures, and I naturally have just slightly darker hair than you. I couldn't pick up the color at all.

Ms. Hendricks is a natural blonde, so her hair can pick up the color much more easily than us gals with darker hair. I worked at John Frieda for awhile, and my co-workers all agreed when I asked them why it wasn't working: I'd need to bleach my hair to even stand a chance.

Dying my hair red from a box and then touching up the roots every other week was enough of a hassle! Having to deal with bleach too? I'll just stick with what I have. It depends on how much effort you want to put into your hair though. I'm in grad school now, so I basically live in my chem lab. I just don't have time to do it :(

I heard from my hairdresser that I would have to pull all of the color out to get my color exactly the red I wanted it (a little darker than Joan's, I think). It was going to cost to much, especially since I would have to do it every 6-8wks. Also, I had dyed my hair a soft black, which I was allowing to grow out (aaaaaaaagh! roots from hell, let me tell you!). I had thought this would help to lessen the amount of color she'd need to pull out (ie, just having to pull out the black) but she said no, she would have to pull all of it out. Being a natural redhead when I was younger, and being one who has dyed her hair regularly since she was 19, with most of that color being in the red family, I have NEVER pulled the color out (unless it was one of the three times I went blonde, which was a bad bad thing). And my hair did, of course, pick up the red, and in fact, even with the black still there (although it looks more like a dark auburn), it has a sort of ombre look to it, which I am happy with. And it cost me $3, not $120, plus tip. I love my hairdresser - she can do things I can't and I appreciate the art and magic that they have the skill to do what they can do (which I do not have), but I don't have that much to spend on my hair, now or every 6-8weeks.

With all of that being said, maybe you do need to look at pulling the color out. My hairdresser didn't tell me what she was planning on using, but specifically told me it wasn't bleach and wouldn't harm my hair (which is something I was concerned about). If I run into her, I'll ask her. But check with a place like Sally Beauty Supply; they'd probably know.

Would you believe that I am a natural redhead & I can't even get this colour!! My mother is a hairdresser as well... but my hair refuses to pick up red for some reason!

I'm naturally auburn too and similarly a little more brown than red. I've been doing my hair at home for a couple of years now using Feria Power Reds (there are different shades in that series.) I've never had the fading issue that I faced with others I've used or even the salon reds I used to do. Now I've been  dying my hair red for about 5 years or so and I have heard that while red can be a tough color to get.. it's also hard to get rid of. Maybe I have build up? lol Seriously though I'd recommend the Feria line for a really vibrant color that "sticks."

Thanks Meghan - I just did my hair (i mean, like a week ago!) and it's already faded!! it's so frustrating! i'll check out the feria line - thanks!

I've been using Garnier Nutrisse's Ultra Intense Red Colors for Dark Hair. I use R3 and I get tons of compliments.

Thanks ladies!!! Last week I attempted wella, color charm in Red....it was definately red. More pinky undertones then I wanted, altho everyone said I was nuts & it looked just like hers....I don't think it did, hers is a little more copper. Maybe I'm just too type A to dye my hair lol

Lets see a photo of how your hair turned out! I'll put one up of my hair tomorrow. I just dyed mine yesterday as I have been trying to get the same colour. It's definitely hard as because any colour with red in will fade as its kind of un natural. Its a bit darker at the mo than what I want but I know over weeks it will fade slightly. I had to sit for hours though. I had a full head of highlights with Loreal majicontrast, one colour tint on my roots and another colour on the mid lengths and ends. The ends went very dry so I had to have a chunk cut off so I feel bald now! Although I still have long hair its not long enough for me! Its good your hair is natually close to what you want to go to so you dont have the months of gradual colouring to get it there like I've had! The highlights with Loreal majicontrast have really helped.

Excuse the squinting as its sunny out today but hers some photo's of the colour I have just had done. Had it done on Monday, highlights with Loreal Maji contrast and mixture of the maji rouge tint inbetween. It took about 4 hours, I had dark brown hair and have been buildng up to get the ginger colour over the last few months. Nearly there now. Had a good clump cut off s it was dry from the colour. It's a long process but depends how much you want the colour. I'd recommend getting a hairdresser to do it though.


I've had my hair dyed at the salon requesting that exact color, and was extremely happy with it! I then got the recipe from my salon to share with people on my vlogs who asked, and I ordered the color and did it at home. I will share that recipe. I've given you kind of a lot of information but I've been in your position so I know that you may want a lot of detail! 

My hair is a light-medium brown naturally.

Essensity hair color by Schwarzkopf is the brand, which has less "bad things" than many other hair color and is SUPER shiny. Available on Amazon.com. 

At first to get everything you need it is around $70 but then per month, if you do it every 4 weeks (which will keep it pretty nice) I think I worked it out to be around $20.

Here is a color chart that may help: 


You can reduce this depending on the length of your hair. Mine is almost waist length so I need a lot. I will link you to a video so you can see the color: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/975148084/in-the-grove

Base color (for roots):

27 grams 7-77

20 grams 8-77 

7 grams 7-87 

108 grams (or double whatever the amount your mixture is) 28 volume developer

Pull through (length):

40 grams 7-77

30 grams 8-77 

11 grams 7-87

81 grams (or double whatever yours equals) 8 volume developer 

If you want it even more copper, you may want to reduce the 7-87 or eliminate it (check out the color chart) and my hair dresser suggested doing that before I started doing it myself. 

P.S. I now use henna and have a strawberry blonde color, and I love the health of my hair. I am considering going back to that red, but it IS such a pain to keep in your hair. But you know that already and if you're anything like me and determined to have the color, you will do it! Let me know if you have any questions. 

Iv been colouring my hai red since i was 11 years old. When i first started it took a while to come through. The best hair colour i have found to take you from brown to red without having to bleach before hand is Loreal Excel HiColour i use sizzling copper. There is bleach is this colour but you get an amazing lift from it. I use mine with 30 vol and i have fairly dark brown hair it gives me great lift only problem its not quite as natural looking as Miss Hendricks is but its a great colour, Its not to expensive but you do need to buy a specfic developer with it. Think the developer is called Loreal Oreor Developer.I think if you live in america you can get in sallys. I live in ireland so i order it off Amazon. Also Pravana Chroma Silk have lovely colours you do need to bleach your hair before you use them because you cant use an oxidant with them, but they make a great colour balm. Hope this helps :D

I did hair for many years. I wore red most of the time and in different shades. I wore wella color charm level 7 base red using a 30 volume developer, quite a few times. It was a strong red. That fit me fine when I was younger but at my age I would look silly.   A co worker wore red too but hers was similar to the color you are looking for. She pre colored her hair to a light shade then used semi permanent Matrix red in level 5 every week to keep it a strong funky color. If you were to color your virgin hair with wella liquid color charm level 12 base yellow and 3 ounces of 40 volume developer in  liquid form. Apply it with a toner bottle, process 45 minutes. Then shampoo. Find a matrix semi permanent in red level 6 and also in gold level 7 mix mix equal parts, that looks like what the lady is wearing. Red alone with look like Ronald Mc Donald. You need to mix it 2 parts red with 1 part gold. The semi permanents work better after lightening the hair because they stick better. If you were to color your hair with just a red permanent hair color it washes out too quickly because the hair will be very porous. This will be like doing a double process but without the bleach which would really fry the hair.




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